Mahlet Consulting helps our customers implement services that will provide the right solutions for users of the network resources. We follow the three principles of network design, namely; Services, Resilience and Cost. By understanding the needs of the applications utilizing the networks resources, we help in the creation of a services catalog that include features and functions to deliver the required functionality and performance.


We review the current service offerings and Service Level Agreements to meet the expectations of the user community. We also examine the network infrastructure and design. We propose design changes or service implementation changes to enhance both the usage and cost of the network. One primary area of optimization we focus on is transitioning of services from a TDM based network to a Packet based network while maintaining services that meet or exceed users requirements.


Our Engineers pride themselves in helping customers develop mitigation plans that are technically up to date for current service offerings as well as future proofing for next generation network services. Our expertise in Telecommunication System Engineering makes our recommendations an obvious choice for our customers. Our analysis is a four step process, namely, understanding current network, developing a migration plan, performing simulation based predictions and lastly developing processes for migration.

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