Using technology as a tool and experience as a guide we develop sound engineering solutions that meet the requirement while being cost effective. We focus on enabling our clients to achieve excellence. At the end of the process, we strive to help you deliver superior service using technology to make you superior to your competition.


What We Do Best

We offer the full suite of consulting services to telecommunication providers and major telecommunication infrastructure customers.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Network analysis
  • Green field and brown field Architecture analysis and design
  • Network services development
  • Go to market plan development for new services
  • Service level design and implementation
  • Operational efficiency development
  • Complex network modeling and reliability/availability analysis 

Our mission is to continuously strive  to deliver a superior service and exceed our customers expectations.



Mahlet prides itself in being able to create innovative solutions for use cases to solve complex signal processing challenges.  We take a problem and seek to implement the most efficient solution.  We are continously investing in our internal R&D to help spure new ideas. 

  • Able to demonstrate functionality quickly and efficiently
  • Bring together existing customer IP with expert implementation techniques.
  • Enable processing of optical signals requiring digital processing
  • Packet processing systems.

We are focused on a provider that integrates hardware platforms and efficient firmware and software .



What We Do Best

  • Development of specialized HW, FPGA and SW modules for Subsystems
  • Focused on specific targeted solution sets
  • We believe in Proof of Concept first
    • We utilize COTS to demonstrate solution to problem
      • We analyze the solution to make sure it meets requirement before implementing final.
      • We design based on projected or expected additional processing


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