Wegene Ethiopian Foundation

We also support Wegene, a 501c3 organization whose mission is to improve the daily lives of the less fortunate and disadvantaged children and their families in Ethiopia by overcoming three critical barriers in the seemingly unbreakable poverty cycle: poor or no education, poor housing, and family instability.

Regarding education, we consider it to be one of the most valuable assets that a child can possess. Therefore it is our mission to give a gift of education that children can benefit from during their entire lives. This is the reason why we sponsor educational scholarships for private education, from grades K-12 and undergraduate college programs in Ethiopia.

On the issue of poor housing, we believe that adequate housing is essential for children, and their families to feel safe in their environment. We believe this feeling of safety tends to have a correlation to further achievement in their sponsored families lives, therefore we also sponsor housing initiatives throughout Ethiopia.

To address family instability, we recognize that this phenomenon occurs most frequently in families under the poverty line in Ethiopia. The fact that children have not fully psychologically developed makes them prone to being deeply affected by traumatic events in their families. Furthermore, it is difficult, if not impossible, for children to attain education without family structure and support. Multiple studies conclude that instability and low family income negatively affect children’s’ social, emotional, cognitive, and academic results. Therefore to accomplish our mission, our intervention is holistic and it includes relocation of children in dysfunctional families.

These three aspects of our mission are accomplished by providing support to families with children in their own home setting using local people as caretakers and monitors for the families being supported by us to ensure that the program functions as intended and that it produces the desired results.


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