At Mahlet Consulting we have seen the demand for high speed Optical processing call for the need to develop innovative solutions. We have been investing in developing capabilities to address this demand by focusing on programmable hardware solutions that Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) provide.

Mahlet has been investing projects to enable the processing of packet based optical traffic to allow high speed data filtering and packet inspection capabilities. In order to reduce the processing load on a customer’s computing platform, the demonstration phase of Callisto is filtering Ethernet payload from a 4x10GbE stream and performing an IP packet level filtering and Payload Data inspection at line rate. 

Mahlet Consulting, Inc is developing a high speed packet processing platform which can ingest several 10 Gbps signals, extract the packets, perform packet filtering using the standard five tuples (Source Address, Source Port, Destination Address, Destination Port, Technology) and format the packet stream output to be processed by follow on devices. This proof of concept design met both performance and cost targets. It was developed as a proof of concept design with the ability to be productized.Subsequent phases of the project will allow Ethernet extraction from other transport schemes, such as OTN with Generic Frame Protocol (GFP) and STM64 with GFP and Packet over Sonet (POS) mapped Ethernet.

The initial phase of Callisto will utilize an Altera Development Board that features a high-performance Stratix V FPGA to interface to a 10GbE circuit and perform 5-tuple filtering on the Ethernet payload. The current phases of Callisto is processing 40G and future releases will be able to injest 100GbE. We have improved the capabilities and now have incorporated the functions in a 1 RU platform which is called CALLISTO_R1.

The Cores we current have available are:



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