Mahlet Consulting is an independent, minority-owned business established solely to provide services to telecommunications facility and service provider communities. We rely upon 40+ years of combined technical and business experience to help our customers understand all available options when examining their telecommunications needs.

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Mahlet Consulting, Inc. was established to develop creative solutions for the telecommunications service provider community as well as users of telecommunication infrastructure. Our domain is the high speed optical signal processing (OSP). We are focused on optimizing network bandwidth availability with three main tenants guiding us: make the network capacity available to support the current and future services; use the latest technology to enable our customers increased use access of the network; and an ability to use the network to provide metadata such as auto-detection of payload structure, overhead analysis and signaling recovery, network interconnectivity information. Our expertise in the optical signal processing and expertise in existing telecommunication protocols (SONET/SDH, OTN, PDH, Ethernet, etc.) and infrastructure has made us a key subject matter experts in telecommunications and signal analysis.

Our main asset is the strength of our team. We are engineers who have been taking on the challenges of high speed optical communications. The team is made up of our founder who has expertise in intelligent optical switching and technical leadership and project management in the architecture, design, and simulation of end-to-end communication systems. He has also patented an algorithm which provides instantaneous recovery from multiple network path failures in a WAN. Other engineers bring an impressive set of accomplishments, including digital designs that have implemented all the various functions (Layer 2 switching and Traffic Policy Implementation, Layer 1 [SONET SDH] switching, pointer processing, frame recover, automatic switching and optical protection switching) of optical processing used in optical and core infrastructures in high-speed telecommunication networks. Our core competencies include FPGA design, high speed digital design, optical signal processing, compact and multilayer PCB designs and ability to prototype complex hardware, firmware and software implementation (OTN Processing Frame Detection, Forward Error Correction (FEC), Payload extraction, Ethernet Scrambling and 64B/66B processing).


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